About us

Sail Center 107

Water sports club Sail Center 107 can be found on the beach south of Kijkduin, between beach section 2 and 2a (next to the Sand Engine). Our tide-proof accommodation on the beach offers a great spot for water sport enthusiasts. Sail Center 107 has a unique location and provides a great view of the beach and the sea from the terrace! We are a friendly association of kite surfers, catamaran sailors, kayakers, rowers, windsurfers, wave surfers and suppers who share a common passion. We also have members without their own boat who are invited aboard the boats of members. What binds  more than 150 members is action, fun, sportsmanship and a love of the sea and the beach. As long as it is a sport that you can practice in the surf (or further at sea), you are more than welcome.

During the season, which lasts from March to October, there are members at the club every day. During good weather and stormy conditions. Our members range from beginners to experts and are of all ages. We cater to everyone.

While these are sports for individuals, we also organize a lot of group activities every year. For example, there is a group that sails to Texel in June together to participate in the ’round’, groups of kiters make downwinders, there are regular ‘events’ where different techniques and materials can be tested and we organize a number of social activities such as barbecues and club parties.

All activities take place in and around our clubhouse and at sea of course. In the clubhouse there are changing rooms, showers, a bar with a kitchen and a lovely spacious terrace where you can relax in the sun afterwards. We provide a number of sealed containers where members can store their kites, boards, sailing gear, wetsuits and other equipment. For the catamarans and other boats we have 50 stands.

We are self-sufficient, so we have our own tractor and a sleigh to take the boats to the flood line. Safety is of paramount importance to us, not only for the members but also for the many beachgoers with whom we share the beach. We also have an AED. As the only water sports club on the busy beach area near the Zandmotor we also try to play a social role and we are a point of contact for many parties who love beach and water sports. We have a lot of contact with beach guests, with beach tent holders and with residents from the area. We care about nature and our environment and help to keep it safe and enjoyable for everyone at sea and on the beach. Every year a student association visits us for catamaran sailing and we are in contact with health authorities who can organize activities with us for their residents. 

We do it together!  Membership requires membership contribution, but also participating and making something beautiful together. We are a (financially) healthy association with currently over 150 members. Membership is open to all and new members are most welcome!   Our club offers opportunities. For you too!  Sign up and enjoy!

26 February 2021, 10:34