The crews will now have two extra days to keep training and progressing in order to be the best on the 28th, 29th and 30th of August for the first ETF26 regatta: The Warmup in Carnac. Here are some pictures from today, enjoy ! 😍 #etf26 #etf26series #etfseries


The ETF26's fleet begin with race starts training ☀️🚀
#training #etf26 #etf26series #etfseries #easytofly #easytotrain
⛵️ @besson_billy @JeanPierre_Dick @MourniacJC

L’équipage du Maxi Edmond de Rothschild prépare la @DrheamCup , retour de 24h au large pour renouer avec les sensations du vol hauturier.
Rendez-vous le 19 juillet pour le départ de @CherbourgEnCot

📸 @Y_Riou / Gitana & Lucas


.@black_star_sail have been living the dream on Lake Uri, Switzerland recently, showing their guests why we love the #GC32 🤩

Thanks for the vid!

See you in Portugal soon🙌 #GC32LagosCup 26-30 Aug

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