Club service

For and by members of Sail Center 107

Club Services

Many hands make light work. And because Sail Center 107 does not employ staff, each member will also be asked for extra help.

Bar service and upkeep and dismantling

The number of compulsory services is limited to a minimum, namely 1 bar service per member per year, plus once a year to help with the construction/lackening of the club house. Board and committee members are excluded from this. Before the start of the season you can indicate when it is convenient for you to do the bar service. For the construction or dismantling you will receive an invitation from the building commissioner.


There are many specialised activities that are picked up by committees. There are the following committees: kite committee, sailing committee, club committee, material and safety committee, construction committee and the communication committee. These arise spontaneously or because the board and the ALV see the need for this. It is very much appreciated if you make a contribution to this.


The board also consists of ordinary members who want to give an extra effort and direction to the club. The board consists of a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 9 members. The board has a chairman, secretary, treasurer and general board members with a specific mission/task. A board position takes more time, but is highly appreciated and also looks good on your CV. Just do it!


14 June 2024, 11:47